Single Switch

A multifunctional single-channel module is a device that can control any load with a capacity of up to 2.5 kW both using switches connected to it and using the application on the phone. The dimensions of the module are so small that it can even be placed in the wiring box behind the switch.

These are examples of what it can be used for:

Controls Lightning
Controls Electro Valves to Prevent Flooding
Activates Devices Like a Fan
3200 ₽
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Smart Relay will let you turn on/of_f the lights, electrical appliances or cut of_f power from the sockets. The module can be controlled locally by means of a switch connected to it to the contact S1. The switch can be either monostable (return or bell type) or bistable (a standard switch with two f_ixed positions). The module can be controlled depending on the sensor readings or by voice control? trom your smartphone or a physical switch.


  • Easy connection allows you to install the module in 15 minutes by yourself thanks to simple instructions.
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